India RPO

India RPO


Our services are specifically designed to help firms source, screen, and attract the best talent possible and to allow their sole focus to be on client (hiring manager) and candidate interaction. Clients can expect decreased costs of hire, faster hire process with more time available for higher value activities, and better candidates from a larger pool of active and passive candidates.

Please email skumbhat at hireevolve dot com for a free analysis of your existing recruitment process or for a free name sourcing trial.


We define the recruitment process as made up of 4 components:

  • Position Description
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Screening
  • Offer and On-boarding


We will augment your expertise and resources in the first three quadrants and allow you more time to focus on the fourth: filling the position.


Most position descriptions do not accurately reflect what the new hire will do on the job and thus the position requirements are not in sync with the actual work demands. This throws a monkey wrench into the entire process. We will work with you to define the precise job description and the appropriate salary range by leveraging our experience and industry knowledge gathered through competitive analysis of your industry.


We source candidate names, contact coordinates and skills through both active and passive search. We leverage your subscriptions to major job boards, and your internal database for active searches along with the possibility of registering open positions on various job boards. For a more exhaustive search we will leverage LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and other such databases along with X-raying, Flipping and various phone based techniques to source best candidates for the position.


The following table covers the broad range of services under this heading:

  • CV/Resume screening
  • Response handling from open position ads on job boards
  • Review of requisite skills
  • Confirmation of salary expectations within salary range
  • Ensure geographic fit: review commute times or relocation allowance expectations
  • Review candidate’s salary and reason-for-leaving history
  • Conduct skill testing (e.g., Brainbench)