We Provide the Best People, Quickly

We, ongoingly, recruit well-referred people who have implemented the most challenging projects at renowned companies

Contract Staffing –
Whether you need a team of technical professionals for a project or an interim VP of Engineering, we provide quality contract employees to fit your needs.

Contract-to-Hire –
Many of our clients enjoy the flexibility of contract-to-hire because it allows them to see first hand the capabilities of a contract employee before hiring them as a full-time member of their organization. A discounted placement fee applies based on hours worked on the temporary assignment.

Direct-Hire –
When the need arises to hire an employee directly as a core member of the team, we place candidates on a direct hire basis. Our fee is contingent upon you hiring our candidate

Our Services

We, ongoingly, recruit well-referred people who have implemented the most challenging projects at renowned companies


Our consultants help you protect against security threats including intrusions, malware, system-level breaches, unauthorized access, insider attacks, and loss of proprietary information.  We do this by implementing and managing network firewalls, WAF, vulnerability scanners, SIEM, IDS, IPS, HSM, and Network Sandboxing Appliances.

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Our consultants are experts in architecting, designing, implementing and delivering large scale distributed systems spanning multiple apps, services, APIs, and datastores including microservices architectures and 12-factor principles.

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Our Consultants define the analytic question, Gather data using external API’s, public data sources, etc., Conduct Extensive descriptive analytics on the newly collected data, including visualization.

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Our consultants are SalesForce & Dynamics CRM, Marketing, and Commerce configurers and Apex & X++ developers.  We also provide experts in WorkDay HR, Benefits, Recruiting, and Talent Management.

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Our consultants enable High Performance Computing (HPC) through expertise in processors, storage, servers, and networks.  We are also very experienced in DevOps, including both system operations automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment for applications.

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